About My Website

Hey everyone, I’m here to tell you what my website is all about! I’m a massage parlor owner and I’ve spent years surrounded by sexy asian massage girls. Most of them are loving and do great work. However, some of the girls are just that much more hungry for cash and they put forth extra efforts to make sure their customers are happy. I was tired of hearing about these girls having sex with the clients and decided I wanted to show the world what happens in the Happy Tugging massage parlor.

Here’s What I Did

I spent a few thousand dollars installing a hidden camera system in every massage room. I did this on a day when the parlor was closed and not a single massage girl or client noticed at all. I then began recording all the videos all day long to find out what was going on behind closed doors. But I didn’t stop there. I quickly learned that I had 100 videos of sexy asian teens rubbing and happily tugging off hundreds of guys. Many of the girls even fucked them. That’s how money hungry they really are.

Feel free to browse around and have a look at some of the free videos that I’ve posted on this site. If you’re interested in seeing all of them and downloading thousands of hours of videos then you should become a Happy Tugging member.

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