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Rub and Tugs Happytugging Thai Spa

rub and tugs

This girl needed some money urgently and she works the rub and tugs thai spa. She wanted more money than she was making just giving massages. So she decided to use the skills she learnt at Happytugging to make money. When this guy came in for a massage, she sought to use those skills on him. She pretended it was hot and undressed. He got an instant erection and she knew her plan was working. She gave him a hand job and when he was hooked, she told him it would cost extra. He agreed and gave her the money she asked for. It had worked! She wanted to make it up to him so she rubbed his dick and sucked it before she got on top of him and rode him. He enjoyed it all. When she got off and gave him an awesome tugging, he could not hold his cum anymore and came. She had found a way of making more money!

Happytugging Spa