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Happytugging.com Myka Fucking Her Massage Client


This is Happytugging.com Myka and she has some extremely big tits. This guy she was massaging had a fetish for big tits. When she was massaging him, he realized that she has big titties. He forgot he was there for a massage and asked him if there were extras. She needed some money so she agreed. It was a win-win for both of them. She rubbed his dick with her soft hands and he loved it. He almost came in fact. She cooled him off before climbing on top of him and fucking him like her life depended on it. Technically, he had asked her to tug him and she was supposed to her happy tugging skills to please him. But for the money she was giving him, she decided for fuck him as a bonus. He loved it so much he became a regular client. She decided to do that to other clients and make some money on the side.

Happytug Myka