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Happytugging.com Myka Fucking Her Massage Client


This is Happytugging.com Myka and she has some extremely big tits. This guy she was massaging had a fetish for big tits. When she was massaging him, he realized that she has big titties. He forgot he was there for a massage and asked him if there were extras. She needed some money so she agreed. It was a win-win for both of them. She rubbed his dick with her soft hands and he loved it. He almost came in fact. She cooled him off before climbing on top of him and fucking him like her life depended on it. Technically, he had asked her to tug him and she was supposed to her happy tugging skills to please him. But for the money she was giving him, she decided for fuck him as a bonus. He loved it so much he became a regular client. She decided to do that to other clients and make some money on the side.

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Asian Massage Porn Threesome Videos

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This guy was addicted to watching asian massage porn videos all day everyday. He was extremely horny and decided to go to the massage parlor the other day to get a little relief. Once he had gotten used to getting a happy tugging from this place, this guy knew he wanted more. One girl was no longer enough for him. He wanted two. He did not know how his request would be received by the girls. He did not even know whether they did that sort of thing. But he tried anyway. To his surprise, they agreed and were happy to fulfil his wishes. Two gorgeous girls came and gave him a massage first before they started rubbing both his body and his dick. He felt sensations he had never felt before. Then the girls got naked and they got on top of him and screwed him good. One of them fucked him and the other had her pussy in his mouth. They rode him and did things to him that he had never experienced. They finished it all with a great hand job and he came.


Happy Tugging Massage Therapist Threesome

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This guy had premature ejaculation and she needed to find a cure for it that did not involve hospital and doctors. He heard of Mia who specialized in using a happy tugging technique to help guys learn how to keep an erection and he went there. When he arrived at her place of business, he was surprised by how gorgeous she was. She blew his mind away before doing anything. She started with a nice massage and called another employee and he was not being served by two gorgeous ladies. Theses two asian girls took turns sitting on his face sucking his cock. It was his lucky day! All this was at no extra cost to him. The ladies rubbed his cock well and he almost came. They stopped and he cooled off. They then fucked him in different tempos and helped him take control of his ejaculation. He was a good student so they gave him a great hand job which made him cum sweetly.

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Asian Girl Squirting on Hidden Camera Video

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This girl had not had sex in a long time. She was horny and when she was giving this client a massage, the massage got both of them horny. She could not hide her excitement. Have you ever seen an Asian girl squirting everywhere? If not, prepare yourself! She undressed and he loved what he saw. He got rock hard and seeing his hard cock, she got wet. She took his cock in her hand and rubbed like she hadn’t seen a cock in years. That’s how they treat you at the happy tugging parlor. He loved it and asked him to do more. She got on top of him and fucked him like he had promised her heaven. He also returned the favour by thrusting harder and harder and she could not hold it any longer. She squirted so powerfully and made up for all the sex she had missed. When she was done, she gave him a hand job like he had never had. It was an out of this world experience for them both.

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Rub and Tug at the Happy Tugging Parlor

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Alina is known for two thing – her expert massages as well as her rub and tug skills. That is what took this guy to see her. He wanted to experience her legendary skills. He arrived and she greeted him warmly. After that, she made him lie down and take off his clothes. She then rubbed him sensuously and made him relax before working her magic. When she was done with the happytugging massage, she undressed herself and readied herself for what she was about to gift him. On seeing her sexy body, his cock did the obvious – it hardened. She then grabbed it in her hands and started stroking it. When it was as hard as she wanted, she climbed on top of him and rode him like crazy. He loved every minute of it. She waited till he was about to cum then got off and gave him a good hand job that made him cum.

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