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Happy Tugging Masseuse Makes A Cock Explode

happy tugging masseuse
This girl is a happy tugging masseuse. Being ambitious, she knows that she cannot be a masseuse forever. She is saving up to start her own business. So she takes advantage of clients and offers them more than they came for. She knows they come for massages, but many of them always want more. When this guy came for a massage, she gave him a good one. Then she ‘accidentally’ found her way to his dick and gave it a good rubbing. She pretended to apologize, but he was glad she did it and asked him to go on. He even promised to give him some more money. She then sucked his cock and used her happy tugging skills to give him the best time yet. She rubbed his dick slowly then faster and he almost spoke in tongues. She did it so well he came explosively. She had found a great way to make extra cash.

Happy Tugging Masseuse

Happy Tugging and Massage Fucking on Video

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This Happy Tugging massage cutie is one hell of a massage therapist! I’ve never had someone put forth the extra effort that she did in order to make me happy. At first, I wasn’t expecting to even get a hand job tugging but it didn’t take long to change that. In fact, I was literally throbbing and down her throat in less than 10 minutes into the massage. Her name was Jayden and she was just amazing beyond belief. Once we got that far I knew I needed to fill her tight Asian pussy. I asked her to sit on my cock and ride my dick as much as fast as possible. After Jayden had an orgasm all over my cock she grabbed a hold of my rock hard cock, licked my balls and jerked me off until my cock exploded. It was fucking fantastic! I love these going to these massage parlors.

Asian Happy Tugging Girls

Asian Massage Girl Happy Tugging Skills

happy tugging asian girl

This Asian massage girl has a great job. She does not have a boyfriend because she loves getting boned by different guys. And in her job, she takes advantage and gets fucked without breaking a sweat. She is an amazing asian massage girl and she likes giving clients sensuous massages that get them horny and they end up giving her great quickies. That is why she learnt tugging skills at happytugging. She did the same to this guy who had come in for a massage. She loved his big cock and could not wait to have it inside her pussy. She rubbed his body and went down to his dick. She then undressed and he got an erection. He looked at her hungrily and she knew he was hooked. She sucked his dick and he felt like screaming in pleasure. She then fucked him good before finishing it all with a great hand job that made him cum.

See More Asian Massage Girls Fucking Myka Fucking Her Massage Client

This is Myka and she has some extremely big tits. This guy she was massaging had a fetish for big tits. When she was massaging him, he realized that she has big titties. He forgot he was there for a massage and asked him if there were extras. She needed some money so she agreed. It was a win-win for both of them. She rubbed his dick with her soft hands and he loved it. He almost came in fact. She cooled him off before climbing on top of him and fucking him like her life depended on it. Technically, he had asked her to tug him and she was supposed to her happy tugging skills to please him. But for the money she was giving him, she decided for fuck him as a bonus. He loved it so much he became a regular client. She decided to do that to other clients and make some money on the side.

Happytug Myka

Asian Girl Jayden Lee Giving A Blowjob On Video

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At this massage place, there was a competition to see who had the best customer reviews. This asian girl wanted to win the award so bad. The winner would get an awesome reward. To make sure she got it, this girl devised a shortcut. And this guy was the first beneficiary. This hot Asian girl gave him a great massage and then some extras. She grabbed his dick and used the skills she had seen on to make his day. He was sweetly surprised and loved it. She told him it was his lucky day and all she needed in return was a good review. She went on to suck his cock which was as hard as metal. She then climbed on top of him and fucked him like a pornstar. He loved it all. She then got off and used the tugging skills to milk the cum out of him. A few more times and she was the winner of the competition.

Asian Massage Blowjobs

Asian Massage Porn Threesome Videos

asian massage porn threesome videos

This guy was addicted to watching asian massage porn videos all day everyday. He was extremely horny and decided to go to the massage parlor the other day to get a little relief. Once he had gotten used to getting a happy tugging from this place, this guy knew he wanted more. One girl was no longer enough for him. He wanted two. He did not know how his request would be received by the girls. He did not even know whether they did that sort of thing. But he tried anyway. To his surprise, they agreed and were happy to fulfil his wishes. Two gorgeous girls came and gave him a massage first before they started rubbing both his body and his dick. He felt sensations he had never felt before. Then the girls got naked and they got on top of him and screwed him good. One of them fucked him and the other had her pussy in his mouth. They rode him and did things to him that he had never experienced. They finished it all with a great hand job and he came.

Asian Teen Tugs Caught on Hidden Cam

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Mania was a new massage therapist that recently got caught giving a few teen tugs on hidden cam at the happytugging parlor. I guess she had something to prove. She wanted to show that she was as good as those who had experience. When her first client came, she gave him a great cock massage that made him relax. Hot Asian mania removed her clothes and he could not help an erection on seeing her nice boobs and her gorgeous figure. She applied massage oil on her hands and tugged his cock till it was rock hard. She then climbed on top of him and fucked him like his dick was made of diamonds. She got off, sucked his dick nicely before she got on top again and rode him. Her pussy was tight and he struggled with all his might not to cum. She even had time to try different styles on him. When he was about to pop off, she got off and rubbed his dick. His cum shot off his dick like a bullet.

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Rub and Tugs Happytugging Thai Spa

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This girl needed some money urgently and she works the rub and tugs thai spa. She wanted more money than she was making just giving massages. So she decided to use the skills she learnt at Happytugging to make money. When this guy came in for a massage, she sought to use those skills on him. She pretended it was hot and undressed. He got an instant erection and she knew her plan was working. She gave him a hand job and when he was hooked, she told him it would cost extra. He agreed and gave her the money she asked for. It had worked! She wanted to make it up to him so she rubbed his dick and sucked it before she got on top of him and rode him. He enjoyed it all. When she got off and gave him an awesome tugging, he could not hold his cum anymore and came. She had found a way of making more money!

Happytugging Spa

Happy Tugging Asian Girl Mey Li Pictures

happy tugging asian massage girl

This guy wanted a happy tugging massage. He looked for a great place to have one. He found one and was mesmerized at how gorgeous she was. She had only started massaged him when he realized he no longer needed a massage. He needed to fuck her and enjoy her tugging skills. She told him it would cost extra and he reached for his wallet and gave her the money. She then got down to business and gave him a great blowjob. She displayed her happy tugging skills and he was blown away by how good she was at it. She then gave him a treat by riding him. Her Asian pussy was tight and he loved it. But he loved it even more when she tugged him and he came. He knew that he would be a regular at her place to get more of the same tugging.

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Happy Tugging xVideos Clip Featuring Kim

happy tugging xvideos
Kim had broken up with her boyfriend. As a result, she had not had sex in a while. While she was massaging her client, she found herself admiring him. She gave him an extra sensuous massage and made him horny like her. She removed her clothes and he felt like grabbing her and fucking her brains out. But she did that to him. She sucked his cock before using her happytugging skills to rub his cock. She also got on top of him and fucked his brains out. She was so horny she was like a possessed woman. He thought that she was doing it for him when in reality she was doing it for herself. After she had cum while riding him, she did made him cum using her tugging skills. It was a win-win for all of them. Her pussy was now taken care of. Check out some more of the Happy Tugging xvideos right here!